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Increase conversions using funnel analysis

You can follow the visitor journey from a landing page to a conversion with our multi-step funnel analysis. The insights from the marketing funnel allow you to uncover possible issues, optimize your site and increase the conversion rate.

  • Funnels allow you to analyze the user flow through your website and the different pages
  • You can also follow the user flow between your main domain and its subdomains (see more)
  • You can go beyond pageviews and use any custom events to build a funnel
  • With the conversion rate you understand the percentage of visitors who started the user flow and ended with a conversion event
  • With the percentage drop-off between the individual funnel steps, you can spot where you lose the most visitors
  • You can get more granular by using filters to segment your audience. Filter conversion funnels by marketing campaign, referral source, landing page, device or location for more insights

To learn about in-depth funnel marketing, head to our blog.

Funnels demo

How to set up the conversion funnel analysis

It is quick and easy to create a funnel. Here's how:

  • Go into your site settings and click on "Funnels" in the left-hand sidebar

  • Click on the "Add funnel" button to create a funnel

    Add funnel
  • Give your funnel a name in the "Funnel name" field

  • Define your funnel by adding a set of specific steps that you expect a visitor to take before a conversion, a purchase or a sign up. These steps consist of pageviews goals and custom events. You need to add a minimum of 2 steps and a maximum of 8 steps to create a funnel.

Define funnel
  • Click on the "Save" button after you've specified the user journey you want to analyse
Goals and funnels

That's it! Funnels are listed at the bottom of your dashboard and will appear as soon as the first visit has been tracked on the funnel steps. You can then make changes to your site or to your campaign, test different options and check the funnel again to see how your improvements have affected the conversions.