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Get traffic spike notifications through email

Within the "Email reports" section of your website settings you can decide to enable traffic spike notifications to be sent directly through email.

This will help notify you when your site has an unusually high number of current visitors. The email will include the number of current visitors and the top referral sources of current visitors.

All the stats are embedded directly into the email and there's no need to go to the Plausible Analytics website to view them. There are no attachments, no PDFs and no links to click on in the email either.

Get traffic spike notifications via email

Set the current visitor threshold for the traffic spike notifications

You need to set the "Current visitor threshold" for your traffic spike notifications and click on the "Save threshold" button. The default threshold is at 10 current visitors, but you can set it as low or as high as you want depending on your usual traffic numbers.

You will get the traffic spike notification when your site reaches the threshold you've set. You'll get the notification for an individual website no more than twice in a 24-hour period.

Set traffic spike notifications to be sent to multiple recipients

Traffic spike notifications can be set to be sent to multiple recipients. Enable the traffic spike notifications, add an individual recipient into the "Notification recipients" field and click on the "Add recipient" button.

You can set the notifications to be sent to as many people as you want. You can remove individual recipients or completely stop the traffic spike notifications at any time.